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How to schedule free asthma education community workshops?


Identify a date and time when the appropriate group can be available. 

Plan to give 2 weeks notice for scheduling


Please also fill out the 2015 Asthma Referral Form  and submit to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

 Having Fun with Asthma

A pre-school level interactive program about asthma using a maniken.

Free Coaches Clipboard

Click on the link Winning with Asthma, and take 15 minutes to complete the on-line tutorial.  Once you ahve completed the program you will receive a free clipboard with useful asthma materials for working with athletes with asthma.

What is Asthma?

Before students can begin to effectively manage their asthma, they first have to understand what asthma is and how it affects them. "What is Asthma?" introduces students in grades one through eight to the basics of asthma through a 45-minute interactive presentation featuring a pig lung exploration as an engaging way to help students understand lung function. In addition to defining what asthma is, "What is Asthma?" also teaches students how to recognize warning signs and identify common triggers of an asthma attack. Students in the class without asthma also learn and can advocate for their classmates that suffer from symptoms. 

Parents as Asthma Managers

Parents are instrumental in promoting their children’s awareness of asthma and ensuring that their children receive appropriate care. Often taught during parent-teacher groups and community and faith based meetings, Parents as Asthma Managers is a class that strengthens communication between doctors and parents of children with asthma by teaching parents to ask the appropriate questions. 

 School Staff Workshop

In addition to parents; doctors and school staff members are also key to the strong social support network necessary to help students manage their asthma appropriately. As a way of serving the needs of this critical link in a child’s support system, the "School Staff Workshop" equips the school staff with such pertinent asthma knowledge as warning signs of asthma attacks, common side effects of asthma medications, appropriate action to take during an asthma attack, and ways to reduce classroom triggers of asthma attacks. Each participant receives a packet of useful resources and educational materials. 

Workshops for Environmental Management

A central part of making school staff sufficiently responsive to the needs of students with asthma is showing them how to moderate asthma triggers in the first place by ensuring a definitive standard of indoor air quality. Using low-cost common sense activities, programs such as Tools for Schools helps school staff ensure a healthy and productive learning environment, showing staff how to implement EPA recommendations for improving indoor air quality through presentations and site visits. Each environmental workshop is tailored to meet the needs of the request.

 Open Airways

As a result of funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5, the Marion County Health Department and Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County completed two years of asthma education in after-school and lunch settings. This collaboration has allowed education of asthmatic students with the American Lung Association’s Open Airways program. 



Through Open Airways, students develop confidence in managing their asthma proactively. Student’s participate in asthma related role-playing and meet in small groups with a facilitator as a way of becoming comfortable with managing their asthma in the school setting. A respiratory therapist also provides close instruction about proper use of inhalers and peak flow meters. Parents are encouraged to become involved with take-home assignments and graduation ceremonies. Open Airways has been shown to reduce school absenteeism without interrupting the normal school day.

Click Here School Workshop Brochure for the pdf format.


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