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Winning with Asthma


The Coach's Asthma Clipboard WINNING WITH ASTHMA


The highly recommended "Winning With Asthma" , is a program designed to educate sports coach's about the effects of asthma in today athletes.  Visit to become an asthma educated coach.

online inhaler training

Online inhaler training for Asthma patients and Health Professionals

As a part of patient education program, an interactive audio-visual inhaler training program is available Free for Asthma and COPD patients.
Here is the link:

The inhaler training is available for 10 inhalers in English and Spanish - MDI (with Spacer, closed mouth and open mouth), Diskus, Autohaler, Flexhaler, Handihaler, Accuhaler, Twisthaler, Aerolizer, Neohaler and Respimat.


Asthma Training for Childcare Providers


The asthma training for childcare providers is now online! Training is available at: Participants must register with the IACCRR website in order to access the trainings. Once a participant has signed in, the asthma training can be found under the Trainings tab.


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