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Sometimes You Have to Be THAT Parent

Jessica DeCook's article "Sometimes You Have to Be THAT Parent".

This was the MA Report- Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics, November 2011 edition.

Patients, Families, and Kids




The MCPHD offers a free asthma referral service

Services offered: 
Asthma education

Environmental assessment of the home, schools, workplace

Public Health Nurse

Smoking cessation

Social work


Dietician covering Kids Medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise assistance


Education offered for topics such as:
   - Appropriate developmental tasks and expectations
   - Asthma action plan
   - Asthma self management
   - Adherence to asthma action plan
   - Home/work/school environment assessment
   - Peak flow monitoring
   - Trigger identification
   - Common symptoms and early detection
   - Socio-economic and psychosocial concerns



Click here for a Free online plan that can help any smoker start on the path to quit.

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